UK vs Nepal: Education is the difference

I used to be in one corner of the world dreaming high and wishing it to happen. Now, I feel that I am not so far from that dream. I have been fascinated by British systems, whether it’s sustainable development, clean and green places or the regulation of vehicle speed. These are just a few things I’m intrigued about. There are so many other aspects of UK living that make me love the UK more than ever.

I am from the country which lies in the lap of Himalayas, which smiles together with those beautiful mountains, hills, lakes and rivers. Nepal is a country of superlatives, a naturally and culturally blessed country. But it’s also a country which has not been properly guided in the right direction.

I used to think books and schools and libraries and friends are the only things that give us knowledge. What I have found coming here is that those are the basic things but there are a lot of other things which not only gives knowledge but also guides to the right path.

Personally speaking, I used to think that I made a mistake by coming here but I now know that I was wrong, absolutely wrong. Pestalozzi and UK has until now been one of the best parts of my life. Back in my country, I had to choose subjects that I was not so interested in but here I am taking the subjects which I am keenly interested in. Apart from the books, I have been learning a lot from my friends from a range of countries.

The UK was my dream country since childhood because it is the country that produces genius Scientists and Mathematicians, actors and athletes and so on and so forth. It’s the country that made The Industrial Revolution, the country that changed the world and the country which initiated my favourite sport! I hope to be at Lords, the Mecca of Cricket watching a match one day.

When I visited the Science Museum, I was really in tears. Not the normal tears, but tears of happiness. It was the moment which I had been looking to for so long. I could see the things that really make me happy. I will never forget that moment. Back in my country, I used to read about those things and wish to see them but the wish would be limited. That is the difference between my country and the UK.

Now, I can run the Astronomical Society, get connected with ESAS, and collaborate with Mathematicians and Physicists to learn something new in the field. I have visited a lot of new places. Now, I really believe in the Saint Augustine quote: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page of the life.”

This is one of the reasons that I wrote a novel after coming here where I mention the things that my country should learn from this country and warn the Nepalese government for its snail pace development and Nepalese society for bad traditions and malpractices.

What I like especially about the UK compared to my country is, if I was in my country, I would have to become a doctor or an engineer for the social prestige. But here, nothing is impossible. I can become what I want.

I think I would never be able to thank and describe the role that Pestalozzi and UK have played in my life. Again, I would like to thank Pestalozzi and UK from every nook and corner of my heart.

Prabidhik K.C.
First year Pestalozzi student

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