Pestalozzi Leavers’ Ceremony

– the class of 2017

Pestalozzi celebrated the successes of it’s second year students at this years annual Leavers’ ceremony.

The event, which showcased the academic and extra-curricular successes of Pestalozzi students, was attended by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant Sara Stoner, The Deputy Mayor of Hastings Councillor Nigel Sinden, Pestalozzi staff, trustees, volunteers and supporters, and representatives from Sussex Coast College Hastings and Claremont, where Pestalozzi students study.

Students’ achievements were recognised through the presentation of a number of awards for outstanding contributions to both the local community and life at Pestalozzi.

Here’s a selection of some of the inspirational stories heard at the ceremony, spoken by the Pestalozzi leavers.

“Pestalozzi is a dynamic place. For a boy coming from a rural village of Bhutan, it surely was a life changing two years. It transformed me, personally and intellectually. With Pestalozzi, I discovered new dimensions to my perspectives, forged new interests which I could have never imagined and developed some very interesting goals for my life.” Pemba Dorji, Bhutan

“I got to know that not making mistakes is the biggest mistake you can ever make in your entire life. The most dangerous thing you can do with your life is to play it safe all the time. Do not be afraid of failure, afraid of not getting a second chance, and our sweet home Pestalozzi is the best platform you can get for different chances. It is just the matter of your choice. I will not deny that every one of us is a potential seed capable of transforming into a tree, but the quality and value of the tree also changes depending on the platform it grows.” Subhajit Ghosh, India

“My journey here was not an easy one but, where there is no struggle there is no growth. I’ve cried many times and experienced so many challenges, to the point that a challenge doesn’t scare me anymore, instead it excites me. One of my lessons that I’ve learnt while being here for two years, is that no matter the circumstance, I should never give up on myself, and I should always put myself first.” Adisha Elijio, Belize

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