My Pestalozzi Journey – Archana Verma

Going to school and learning new things, writing exams, getting good scores, helping my friends understand any concepts they were struggling with; this was my life in India and I was entirely happy with it. I just did not know what I was missing.
Pestalozzi International Village Trust changed everything. I was no longer the person who could solve the most challenging questions in my text books. Studying in the UK was challenging. I felt I was the weakest student in my class and I didn’t like it. Despite watching so many inspirational and motivational videos, I struggled to push myself to go to the classes. Not only that, I was also expected to take part in many extracurricular activities and all of them were new to me. My self-confidence plummeted. It was the staff and other students at Pestalozzi who became my family who constantly encouraged and supported me. They gradually restored the faith and self-confidence I had lost.
Without realising it, I had been transformed into a completely different person.
While in India I hated being challenged by problems of real life. I would run away from my problems rather than face them. I would rather never try something new than risk failing at it. All of this changed during my stay in the UK. I started to step outside of my comfort zone; and not to limit myself to what I already knew. I wanted to know more and more. Of course, I was learning new things in my academic studies but more importantly I was that I was, unknowingly, preparing myself to deal with real life problems. I was no longer the reserved and introvert person I had been in India. I was no longer simply waiting for hard and difficult times to pass by; instead I was dealing with them. I began solving problems rather than avoiding them. I was becoming resilient.
It is my life changing experience at Pestalozzi UK that helped me get through the seemingly impossible problems I faced when I returned home. The person I had become in the UK, was ready to accept any challenges. That is why I was able to support my family financially. I applied for a job and luckily got one. I am currently working as a “Basic and Advanced English Speaking” teacher in Infomax Pvt. Ltd, Chipledhunga. I also prepare students for IELTS Speaking tests and interviews.
Of course, there are challenges at my current job, but I never let them bring me down. Instead, I accept the challenges and fight them and this would not have been possible without my Pestalozzi Journey. I will be attending University of Rochester in New York this August to start my undergraduate studies, and with a fully-funded scholarship. None of this would have happened – getting a job and a scholarship to study in the USA – had Pestalozzi International Village Trust not been there to support me.
I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Pestalozzi, its staff and all the kind and generous donors who provided us all with immense support and encouragement. Thank you so much. Dhanyabaad!
Archana Verma

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