My experience at Pestalozzi – Anaise Constant

I was looking for the opportunity to take a break from my daily life and discover new horizons, so joining the Erasmus+ program to carry out a volunteering mission was something which appealed to me.
I wanted to find a place where the human dimension would be valued as I’m convinced we all need to be questioning and revising the principles that govern our lives. This is why the philosophy of Pestalozzi immediately pleased me; it puts forward a principle of unity. It’s also an invitation to celebrate differences rather than erase them. It’s the belief that great things can be accomplished by capitalising on the intelligence of the heart.
I discovered the Pestalozzi Village, a privileged place dedicated to helping young people from low income countries. All these students are smart, opened minded and assertive. They may be from different cultures, but the friendship between them is obvious and free of social barriers.
When I joined the marketing, communications and fundraising team, we were about to launch the Ripples Campaign. We understood that expanding the range of possibilities for all these young adults can’t be measured, but the beneficial impact they will create around them must be valued.
While working on our missions, I found the concept of “tipping point”, “the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change”. We can appreciate how learning to live with your head, hands and heart can actively influence a much needed shift of consciousness.
I’m glad of the time I spent at Pestalozzi and I want to use wisely what I learnt to be part of the change I want to see around me.
Anaise Constant

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