Mama’s Moments Clean Delivery Initiative

Providing neonatal education and maternity kits

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Mama’s Moments Clean Delivery Initiative, which is being led by alumnus John Mubita Muyangwa, aims to work with communities to save lives from underlying causes of maternal and neonatal deaths by empowering pregnant mums to know their risks and proactively manage their pregnancy. The initiative comprises of the Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit and the Pregnant Mum Coach Program. The Maternity Kit is a bag of sterilised essential supplies that a pregnant woman needs to buy for the safe delivery of her baby in a public health facility, whilst the coaching program seeks to train and empower 21 Pregnant Mum Coaches.  

The project is currently working in Lusaka’s Kanyama’ Sub District and plans to encourage early antenatal booking, male participation, facility delivery and economic empowerment by empowering 21 individuals with 10 Mama’s Moments Maternity Kits each, including corporate partnerships in the maternal and child health spectrum by subsidizing the Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit and directly benefitting over 5,000 people.  

John explained “Our intentions in helping Zambia achieve key indicators in the mother and child health segment and meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 will be able to move forward in a timely manner through the Promoting Safe Motherhood Initiatives in Lusaka’s Kanyama’ Sub District using the Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit and the Mama’s Moment Clean Delivery Initiative. As the saying goes a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, I sincerely believe that this Grant Funding is the giant step forward and will affect over 700,000 pregnant women in Zambia.” 

Workshop in progress

Although maternal mortality rates in Zambia have been declining steadily, in 2018 the country still reported 674 maternal deaths (MMR: 183 deaths per 100,000 live births). One of the Sustainable Development Goals 3 aims is to reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100,000 live births by 2030.  

John supported the implementation of the project, including holding meetings with Health Professionals and stakeholders, training women and youths, distributing maternity kits, daily awareness talks delivered by the coaches and vouchers distributed, increasing early antenatal booking and male participation.  

 “I did not think that this project was going to be this well received. I am so overwhelmed with the response. On that part- I thank you for this funding as it is opening opportunities in maternal health philanthropy/ segmentation that I did not know existed. As you can remember, I started this as a hobby and really got serious after March 19, 2020, when Zambia first had a lock down. This was when I first run the online funder…As a result of this funding, it is worth noting that we plan to scale this to other sub districts in the hope that it can be scaled nationwide,” John shared.


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