Mags’ Selection Trip to Nepal

Within 24 hours of arriving to the hazy yellow skies in Kathmandu and the myriad of sounds that are an assault on the senses, I was at the final round of interviews for UWC 2020 selection. I received a warm welcome from the people who would make up the two selection panels, all of whom were UWC alumni from across the years.
As 2020 will see the first Pestalozzi-UWC scholarship to UWC Atlantic for a Nepali scholar, I was invited to observe the final interview round. A total of 28 candidates were interviewed for both full and partial scholarship places by two panels of alumni. I joined a panel of three alumni who interviewed 12 students.
The candidates were given ten minutes to prepare and five minutes to make a presentation and answer a few questions. Topics included the environment, gender inequality, youth issues and education. This was followed by a variety of questions from the panel and rounded off by a scenario that they may face when attending a UWC and how they would deal with it.
I was impressed not only by the candidates, but also the rigour of the selection process, much of which bore a striking resemblance to the previous selections I had undertaken on behalf of Pestalozzi International Village Trust.
The wait will continue a little longer while final decisions are made regarding the allocation of successful candidates to the various UWC’s around the world. We wish the very best of luck to all of those students who made it through to the final round.
By Mags Alexander
Mags pictured above with the UWC selection panel: Dinesh, Nabina, Bhushan, Tenzin and Rabi

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