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Name: Lekan Adesanya

Country: Nigeria

Pestalozzi Scholar: 2006-2008

What you’re doing now?
I am currently living in Montreal, working as a Datacenter Cloud technician with Amazon Web Services. I basically work on millions of Computer servers that form the modern day interpretation of “the Cloud” all over the globe: sometimes physically, sometimes remotely, sometimes in-between.
Describe Pestalozzi in 3 words
Cross-cultural, Accepting, Nurturing.
How did Pestalozzi change your life?
Exposure. Pestalozzi changed my life by exposure. With exposure, my mind and hearts eyes were able to view the world differently from the dictates of my upbringing. This view was challenging as all I thought and felt I knew was brought to question. It was quite the growth experience.
What do you miss about Pestalozzi?
The people; I miss the wonderful people I was exposed to. Also, I oddly enough miss walking up and down the hill from the houses to the gate of the estate (I ran most of the time as I was late for a bus…but the times I walked; it was soothing).
What was the most meaningful thing you learnt?
I learnt to be humble in my opinions and convictions as though my voice is important, listening or helping to uplift the voices of others is much more important.
How would things have been different in your life had you not received the scholarship?
I would have been devoid of the joy of the people, places and opportunities that the scholarship brought along with it.
What are your plans for the future? How do you hope to help your home community?
Continue to develop myself in the growing field of cloud computing and working with a teacher focused organization to help struggling grade school teachers in my home town.
What’s your favourite memory of Pestalozzi?
There were quite a lot. A few seemed to revolve around dinner time.
How would you sum up Pestalozzi in a sentence to someone who didn’t know it?
An organization geared to bringing young people living in less-than-ideal circumstances from around the world together to be nurtured with Pestalozzi principles of learning with the head, heart and minds so they may give back to their societies as they grow.
Why is it important for Pestalozzi to keep providing scholarships?
Now more than ever, the world we live in is more divided, fractured, in a climate crisis and in most importantly in an existential crisis. Living in different corners of this globe, one might be tempted to accept society the way it presents itself. The scholarships help reach the young to re-iterate that great goals and ideals are still important. How else do we intend to tackle the existential issues of our time?
What do you do for fun?
I run a lot, I enjoy it very much.
What does success look like to you?
Working hard and having fun doing it. Most importantly, being able to pass on what I’ve learnt while doing all of that.
What does identity mean to you, especially when you’ve lived in different places?
Identity is fluid: No longer ONLY dictated by borders or tribe, race or sex. I firmly believe we choose how we individually identify in this age; via lived experience and association. As such, respecting identity is sacred.

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