Remembering Pestalozzi in your Will

You can leave your own legacy by remembering Pestalozzi in your Will.  Transform the lives of young people from around the world through investing in education and empowering them to make an impact long into the future.

Did you know – if you leave just 1% of your estate to charity others closest to you receive 99%.

A gift of any size will make a valuable impact.

Leaving Pestalozzi a gift in your Will can help us to:
  • Fund educational opportunities for disadvantaged students’, closing the gap between the ‘haves and have nots,’ enabling young people to access life changing education and to develop their potential 

  • Empower students to grow in confidence and continue their development through higher education, voluntary placements, employment and by offering grants through the Pestalozzi Development Fund
  • Equip young people with the skills and knowledge to create a better world for us all. Our programmes encourage a ‘pay it forward’ attitude in our alumni and encourages them to be the changemakers of the future. 

Next steps

Every gift makes a difference. Once you have made provisions in your Will for your family and friends you may wish to support Pestalozzi and give the gift of an education to a young person. Talk to a trusted Solicitor or Legal Advisor who can help you explore your options and decide what is appropriate. Pestalozzi cannot give specific legal or financial advice, however there are some ways that we can help to make the process easier for you:

Make a Will Online

Pestalozzi has partnered with Make a Will Online so you can make a will for free today at Every will is checked by a fully qualified solicitor and we receive vital information on pledges made*.

The Goodwill Partnership

Pestalozzi also partners with the Goodwill Partnership, a service which allows you to make a Will in your own home, without the need to visit a Solicitor’s office. You can contact the Goodwill Partnership on 0844 669 6148 or book a visit at

Contact your chosen solicitor

Alternatively, you can make a will with a traditional solicitor. If you already have a family solicitor or if you are more comfortable with a person then you should do this. In addition, if you have wealth that exceeds the inheritance tax threshold, if you have concerns about mental capacity or if you have a complicated estate, you should do this. You can visit the Law Society to find a local solicitor.

For more information about leaving a gift to Pestalozzi in your Will please contact Lesley Russell-Dean on 01424 870444 or at

Our details

Our full charity name is “Pestalozzi International Foundation”. Our charity number is 1098422 and our registered address is: Philips House, Drury Lane, St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex  TN38 9BA.

Your data

*When you make a will online using the link above, we are given some information. When a will is made, whether there are gifts to us, and how much any cash pledge is worth. You can also choose to share your contact details with us so we can say “thank you”. This is very useful for us. We understand sometimes our supporters want any gift to be completely anonymous. You can do this by using this link to make a will online. Whatever you choose to do, we are very grateful for your generosity.
“I hope that by leaving a gift in my Will to Pestalozzi I can help to achieve the hopes and ambitions of the young people; by giving them an education that would not be possible in their own countries and that, in the future, they are able to return and pass on their knowledge to others.”
Mrs Violet M Wright

Did you know you can

give a gift in memory of a loved one

Help unlock a young person’s potential

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