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Name: Krishna Sharma

Country: Nepal

Pestalozzi Scholar: 2010-2012

Since my childhood, I have understood education as a peaceful yet powerful path towards freedom and empowerment. At the time when girls were considered a burden in our society, I saw going to school as the only way of finding my voice and value. What I saw happening with most women in my village and my mother – getting married at a young age and being a sole bearer to all the household responsibilities and guilt while being submissive to societal pressure – was not the future I imagined for myself. I was scared. I had no clue as to how it was going to happen, but going to school and excelling at my coursework gave me hope and confidence. I felt free and empowered when understanding difficult concepts and reading stories. I began to realize that education would open many doors of possibilities for me.

Being offered a Pestalozzi scholarship after completing tenth grade was indeed a dream come true for me. The entire Pestalozzi family was invested in helping me get closer to my goal of going to college and becoming a physician. Getting coaching for SAT, TOEFL, essays, and the complex college application process was crucial in getting me to Georgetown University with a full scholarship. I sincerely believe that where I am today would not have been possible if it was not for the real hard work, dedication, and teamwork that the entire Pestalozzi family put in for my success. They worked tirelessly to make every resource available to us. It was not an easy task, but they were determined to help us secure a better place for higher education. I feel truly blessed that I had such tremendous support from the Pestalozzi family.

As an undergraduate at Georgetown University, I majored in studio-art focused on oil painting and completed all of the pre-medical requirements. After graduating in 2016, I took a certification course to work as a Certified Nurse Aide and started working as a caregiver and home health aide. Additionally, I gathered more experience in healthcare by working as a medical assistant at a medical practice. I also gained experienced working for a year in a tech company as a quality assurance engineer at a start-up based in Washington DC. Currently, I work as a medical scribe through which I get to experience the patient-provider relationship closely while gaining insights about being a better healthcare provider.Working in varying settings definitely helped me explore different options and made me certain of my goal of becoming a physician.

I love being part of the community and finding possible ways to give back whenever my schedule permits. I volunteered as an ESL teacher for a year through which I met a diverse group of immigrants whom I helped with speaking and writing in English. This year I am a certified advanced level IRS tax volunteer at a local non-profit organization where we help low-income families file their taxes for free.Through these volunteering experiences, I am gaining valuable knowledge about creating helpful resources in a community.

I am delighted to share the news that I will be beginning my medical school journey in August 2020 at Georgetown University with a full scholarship. As I look back, I realize that I stand on the shoulders of so many kind-hearted, dedicated, and caring individuals such as the Pestalozzi family and its donors. You made it possible for me to continue living the life that I imagined: to be someone with a voice and purpose to serve and give back to others just as Pestalozzi supported me. Thank you so much for all that you do to make our dreams possible. I look forward to preparing myself to be a compassionate and competent physician and giving back to the communities that have supported me in this path. Thank you!

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