Half Term Update

Battle Abbey

The half term break was an opportunity for the Pestalozzi students to go on trips and discover the treasures around them in East Sussex.

On Monday, 13th February, the first year students got the opportunity to visit the historic Battle Abbey. The weather was windy but the sun didn’t let us down and the day was filled with fresh air and history. The students received a guided tour of the Abbey and battlefields were the Battle of 1066 took place, which they found very interesting.

Whilst taking a look at the ruins of the abbey, the students reflected on the many lives that were lost during the Battle. The students admired the beauty of the landscape that hides the tragedies that took place there just over 950 years ago on the 14th October. The students had a great time visiting the Abbey and took lots of pictures, creating memories they will never forget.

What the students thought about the trip
“I enjoyed it. It’s good to learn the history of the place you are living in. Seeing all the old buildings and getting to see the view from the top was really great. I believe that history is a part of us that we can’t change and need to embrace. I’m glad to have experienced a bit of English history.”
Shaylynne Mckop, from Zimbabwe
“The trip was really fun. It was nice and sunny which was good as we took lots of photos. We saw lots of monuments and the video we watched at the start of our tour was really good. We got to walk around the Abbey and came across fascinating things. Overall, it was a fun-filled trip and taking photos was the best.”
Vella Sandra Abur, from Uganda


The trip to Brighton started off with great weather. The day was bright, and after an hour of driving, the students arrived near the pier to be welcomed by beautiful view of the sea and blue sky. After spending some time on the pier taking pictures and enjoying the view, the students had some free time to look around the city and explore.

The purpose of the trip was to allow the students to visit somewhere different and take in the delights of the English city beside the sea.

As well as visiting the famous Brighton Pier, the students visited a chocolate shop named Choccywoccydoodah, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and took pictures in front of the Royal Pavilion.

Last but not least, there was an unexpected meeting with former Pestalozzi students who happened to be visiting Brighton for the day. Some of them are currently studying at Brighton University and alumna Darpan Bohara is currently studying at Smith College in the US. It was a shame there wasn’t more time to catch up with the Pestalozzi alumni and enjoy more of what the city had to offer.

What the students thought about the trip
“The trip to Brighton on Wednesday 15th February was one of most memorable trips I have ever had. Brighton is one of the most popular seaside destinations in the UK and it has so many attractive places to visit especially Brighton Pier which I found the most iconic part of Brighton. The Pier was the centre of entertainment for me and all my friends. It’s around 300 meters into the sea from the seashore, with so many different types of rides and amusements like the wild river, the horror hotel and many other things. The seashore looks amazing from the end of the Pier. The other fascinating place we visited was The Royal Pavilion. It was such an attractive building with a touch of Indian Architecture. By looking at the building for a while I felt as if I was in India. The beauty of the garden and surroundings was amazing. This part of Brighton was bursting with exciting restaurants and cafes as well. The trip was so wonderful and memorable and I would love to visit Brighton again in the future.”
Samer Rokade, from India

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