Clean Water Initiative

Working with FLO Foundation to provide clean water

The new water pump in action

How many times a day do you turn on the taps in your home or at work? To wash your hands, make a cup of tea, wash clothes, or just to have a glass of water that is safe to drink? 

Access to drinking water and sanitation is a fundamental human right and core to sustainable development (SDG 6). Unfortunately, many rural and underserved communities in Nigeria lack this basic resource with women and children often the most vulnerable groups. 

Pestalozzi provided a grant to the FLO Foundation to construct an effective hand pump borehole to benefit the community living in Kewaye village, northern Nigeria.  

The community of approximately 800 have battled with a lack of clean and accessible water, which has put them in a critical situation and hindered broader development. Through providing the handpump we have reduced the need for long treks, sometimes multiple times a day, to fetch water. Despite several challenges, including getting a heavy drilling machine over soft soil, the project was completed successfully. The hand pump construction has been welcomed by the community who assisted and cooperated in the project when required. 

Water collection

FLO representatives return to Kewaye a few weeks after the hand pump was installed to evaluate the impact of the borehole on the local community. 

One resident stated,We are very happy with the borehole. Now we don’t have to trek so far. Our children are delighted. Having clean water very close to us is such a blessing.’  

Access to water has also improved personal hygiene, enabling the residents to live a healthier and more hygienic lifestyle. 

Hauwa, from Nigeria, was a student at Pestalozzi from 1973-78. She eventually completed her tertiary education in Nigeria with a BSc in Accounting. Hauwa is an accountant by profession and having recently retired from a managerial position at a manufacturing company is currently freelancing at a capital market company. She is also a member of the advisory council for the FLO Foundation.


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