Erasmus + Project

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Date published: 18th January 2018

** As of September 2019, Pestalozzi International Foundation are not taking on volunteers from these programmes but the situation will be reviewed in the future**

Erasmus+ is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport, running from 2014 to 2020. Its overall lifetime budget of €14.7 billion provides opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad. Of this, almost 1 billion euro is allocated to the UK, which will enable around 250,000 people to benefit from European and international experience. The UK National Agency responsible for distribution of the Erasmus+ programme is a partnership between the British Council who are responsible for schools and higher education and Ecorys UK who look after adult education and vocational education and training. Both manage different aspects of youth funding and Pestalozzi is managed by Ecorys UK for Youth Mobility Key Action 1. For more information and website: UK National Agency.

Organisations working with young people outside the formal education sector can apply to the youth strand of Erasmus+. Funds are given to support activity called learning mobility which is a planned learning activity in another country. In 2019, €187 million is reserved specifically for UK universities, colleges, schools and youth organisations.

Since 2003, Pestalozzi has been hosting and co-ordinating projects within the Youth Mobility section of the programme called the European Voluntary Service. These projects provide the chance to boost volunteers’ life experiences, improve confidence and skills, meet new friends, and is a good addition to their CV. Objectives can be set at the beginning of each activity of between two and 12 months – and the volunteers’ weekly timetable can be filled with tasks of their own selection; leading to the outcomes they hope to achieve. These achievements are reflected in the Certificate of Achievement provided by YOUTHPASS, a tool to document and recognise learning outcomes from youth work activities and supported by ERASMUS+.


Pestalozzi has successfully worked with the Spanish volunteer sending and hosting organisation AIPC Pandora since 2013.

As a non-profit organization, AIPC Pandora have more than 16 years of experience of promoting Global Citizenship and building a fair, solidary and peaceful world. .They work towards equal opportunities, particularly concerning inequality when accessing education, culture and participation in society – and promote international mobility as a means of personal development and intercultural awareness. To achieve this, they organize international education programmes based on volunteering activities, cultural exchange or professional internships in more than 57 countries and multicultural environments. For further information, email:

Higher Education Student Mobility between Programme and Partner Countries (Key Action 107) – International Credit Mobility

For these students, Erasmus+ is a chance to gain vital international experience, develop new skills and get off to a great start in their career. They can study abroad for threeto twelve months or do a traineeship (work placement) abroad for twoto twelve months in total per academic cycle. Foreign languages are increasingly important in the commercial world and there is plenty of opportunity for students to improve their basic knowledge on these placements which give students greater exposure to the global industry, provide a valuable addition to a professional CV and can often lead to long lasting professional relationships and business networking connections.


We are also delighted to have a long standing business relationship with Breakaway, a student placement agency founded in 2008 helping international students to gain placements in The United Kingdom, Ireland or Malta for a few weeks or months to work and improve their English. Aware of the importance of carrying out internships and work experience in international environments, their wish is to give the opportunity to anyone wanting to work in an English-speaking company and to acquire new skills in the sector of their choice. Pestalozzi have benefitted from a series of experienced graduate interns (two of them from French Guiana) while allowing them the unique opportunity to meet our international students and share world culture and their own languages.

Breakaway have local offices near to where they place their students (our contact operates from Eastbourne), enabling them to carry out regular follow-ups throughout their stay. For more information, contact

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