Dechen’s update and summer in Japan

Making the most of every opportunity

Dechen in Japan wearing a traditional yukata

Dechen (’21) is a third generation Tibetan from India whose early years were challenging. However, she remained very positive and had demonstrated that she can be adaptable and resilient. After completing her IB Diploma at UWC Atlantic with the support of a Pestalozzi scholarship, she gained a place to study at Tufts University, US.

“It is summer break for me and I have been working at Tufts doing three different on campus jobs. However, I am now in Japan! I got into a program called HLAB, where they accept college students from all over the world to come teach a course to high school Japanese students at a summer school. I am beyond excited for this opportunity!

Dechen (2nd from right) with Tenzin Tsundue

I can’t believe almost two years have already passed since I graduated from UWC Atlantic. I always feel extremely blessed while looking back at the experience I have had so far. Certainly wouldn’t have been possible without Pestalozzi, always so grateful. 

At Tufts, I have been exploring my interests by engaging in different clubs and taking interesting classes. One of my favourite classes so far is Social Psychology, which is actually the class I will be teaching in Japan. It is so intriguing how much I learnt from this class and how applicable social psychology is in our day-to-day to day life. 

Tenzin Tsundue event at Tufts University in April 2023

I am still an active member of the Tufts Buddhist Mindfulness club, where I found a lovely community and have been going on retreats with them. One of the biggest events that I was able to organise was inviting a very famous Tibetan Activist and Author, Tenzin Tsundue la, to Tufts. I grew up learning about his writings at school so it was definitely a big moment for me to meet him in person and work closely with him. It was a major success and he was very impressed by how many people attended the event and many indicated that it was one of the best events they have attended at Tufts. 

Dechen and fellow Pestalozzi alum Rufaro in Boston

This summer I was also able to meet up with Rufaro as he is in Boston for the summer. It was very nice to catch up and we were even able to attend a UWC Boston event together. Really hoping we can have a Pestalozzi Reunion one day soon!”

August 2023

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