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On the 30th of November, Pestalozzi students and six local businesses were invited to talk about one topic that affects everyone: confidence. The two year scholarship is a stressful time for the Pestalozzi students, as they spend their time on university applications, college work and exam preparations, so their self-confidence is sometimes strained and some tips were welcomed to help improve their faith in themselves.
The talk was led by Andrea Barker, confidence coach and hypnotherapist, who explained the different levels of confidence. The meeting talked about self-confidence and its importance in business, jobs and interviews, which particularly interested the Pestalozzi students.
Samikshya Dhami, a Nepalese student explains: “Unlike other presentations that I had attended about confidence, this one included the use of confidence in career development and also explained what confidence is not! The meeting helped me in a lot of ways. It helped me to picture my confidence levels expressively. Not only that, I learnt how physical gestures relate to confidence. We discussed how people with loud voices often sound more confident but the speaker made it clear that sounding loud is not being confident.”
After her work with the anxious and long term unemployed, Andrea Barker masters her subject and knows some key tips to develop confidence and self-esteem, “With confidence in ourselves and our choices, we can reach our full potential and feel happier”, said Andrea. She gave the students tips to help and motivate them, these included:
“Dare to be brilliant! Why do you trust people but not yourself? You have to believe in yourself, in your skills and abilities!”
“Don’t hesitate to ask for help.”
“Don’t forget that you are the expert on yourself: you know what you want and what you need, you just have to trust in your knowledge.”
“Celebrate your uniqueness.”
After the presentation, a debate was organised between the students and the six local businesses, to share their experience.
Rohit Kumar Sahu, an Indian student, concluded: “Now, I think that I will be able to handle many situations and will improve my self-confidence with practice, practice and more practice.”

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