Alumni Success Stories

Be Inspired. Follow our stories about some of the great young people that the Pestalozzi Scholarship Program has supported.

Bharat Nepali

After graduating from Pestalozzi in 2013, Bharat returned to Nepal where he gained a degree in Maths and Economics from Tri Chandra College, a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University.

Ugyen Wangchuk

Ugyen’s was always interested in finding out how things work. He used to take apart his toys to discover their components – with mixed ability in getting them back in working order again!

Geofrey Njovu

From a family of uneducated, but supportive parents, and despite experiencing the difficulties of living in a home with no proper sources of sufficient income, Geofrey worked consistently hard in school…

Mingyur Paldon

Born in Tibet, Mingyur was carried across the Himalayas from India by her mother at the age of two. Crossing the Himalayas took them nearly a year,

Chris Mujjabi

Chris was the first Ugandan to receive a Pestalozzi scholarship in 2011. This was followed by a Mastercard Foundation scholarship and a degree in Agronomy from EARTH University, Costa Rica.

Pravin Kamble

Having gained his BEng at University of Brighton, MSc in Engineering with Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCL…
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