A new library for Bloom Nepal School

New resources for the students

Bloom Nepal School students

Bloom Nepal School in Lalitpur, co-founded by alumnus Ram Rijal, was awarded a grant to establish a library and computer facility for the students, just before the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. The learning centre was initially going to be part of a new residential block for the female students, however the pandemic has impacted the student demographic, with more day students from the local area joining the school and less need for an additional residential facility. Therefore, the library, which also has a computer and projector, is now available to all of the students in the school. 

Nepali books

Team member Mags visited the school in April 2022 while she was in Nepal and was delighted to officially open the library. There are a wide range of books available in English and Nepali to meet the needs and interests of the students from Grade 1 through to Grade 10. 

The project faced a number of challenges, mainly due to the Covid pandemic. The school had to close for a considerable length of time, however it adapted and was able to deliver classes to students online.

Library with projector

Since Mags’ last visit, there have been a number of changes at the school including the installation of biogas units used for cooking in the canteen funded by a Zayed Foundation award and the addition of solar panels. 

Education in Nepal has seen a vast improvement in the last 70 years, with a literacy rate of only five per cent in 1951 increasing to 64.7 per cent by 2015. However, there are still barriers to education, such as a curriculum that is not orientated towards practical skills and many public schools not providing quality education. Poverty and social exclusion are two of the major factors of poor education.  


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