New arrival, new challenge!

A new semester and a new arrival at UWC Atlantic! Aman, from Nepal, is a recipient of a scholarship made possible through funding from Pestalozzi International Foundation and the Davis-UWC Dare to Dream programme

Aman is from Bara district, Nepal and lives with his extended family. His father and uncle are fishermen and are the main income earners for the family, while his mother and aunt run the household. Though they have only the most basic of necessities, Aman feels very lucky to be part of a family who believe in the power of sharing and helping each other

Previously a scholarship student at Gandaki Boarding School, he was an editor on the schools’ secondary-level anthology group and a founding member of ‘The Rising Pupils’ supporting young STEM enthusiasts. Outside of school, Aman volunteered with a youth group and was the club Vice-Secretary. They took on different initiatives to raise the voices of youth in his village, and also organised cleaning campaigns and rallies against various social issues. 

Very happy to have been selected to attend a UWC with a scholarship, Aman describes it as “a great promoter of global peace, a home for positive catalysts from different corners of the globe, and a melting pot of culture. It brings together young people from diverse backgrounds and with different experiences and world views, creating an environment that inspires tomorrow’s leaders and changemakers …In UWC, one’s success is everyone’s success; diversity becomes the strong bond to unite people from different religions, ethnicity, and socioeconomic backgrounds.” 

Aman is one of 25 students selected to join the inaugural cohort of the Systems Transformation Pathway, UWC Atlantic’s new academic programme developed in partnership with the International Baccalaureate, which will offer a bespoke, project-based curriculum focused on exploring complex systemic real-world challenges.

Focusing on Biodiversity, Energy, Food and Migration this curriculum will shine a spotlight on transformative change, systems leadership and making the world a fairer place for the future. Students will graduate with a full IB Diploma of up to 45 points, like their peers. In addition to the newly designed course, they will take three Higher Level and one Standard Level IB subject that would satisfy the entry requirements for the universities they are hoping to access in the future. 

We look forward to following Aman’s progress over the next two years and beyond.

September 2023

so we can continue to educate young people like Khushbu who go on to make a difference in the world

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