Aakar Nepal

Mentoring young people in Nepal

Sangam working on his project with locals

We really appreciate Pestalozzi’s commitment to making a difference in deserving communities. The Pestalozzi Development Fund has empowered Pestalozzi alumni like us to have a direct impact on our community and even start up social enterprises. Chhiring and I are grateful for this opportunity and will be using the fund for the Aakar project, whose main objective is to empower, generate interest for community involvement and provide leadership training to youths in our community. The Aakar project will provide hands-on training in creative solution designing and project management to high school age students in Nepal that they will be using to address a social issue they see in their local community over a 3 month period,” shared Prabha. 

Prabha was a Pestalozzi scholar from 2013-15 and went on to study at Princeton, majoring in Economics. She currently works for an energy company that is focused on clean energy innovation and sustainability. 

“My message to Pestalozzi donors would just be… Thank you. You made a big difference in my life. I want to be one of you in the future, because I know what it means to young people like us and how donating can actually change the world. I want to be on the other side and be giving. I’ve been given the opportunity to be able to pay it forward. Your donation is not only helping us it will be helping others in the future, because of that multiplying effect of return on investments.” 

Chhiring grew up in Humla, a very rural area of Nepal, where much of the population is illiterate. Chhiring’s mother was a farmer and a health worker and her Dad sadly passed away when she was very young. She gained a scholarship to attend school in Kathmandu. Subsequently, her schooling was funded by the German based charity of a former Pestalozzi alumna who wanted to pass on the opportunity of receiving an education. Chhiring graduated from Pestalozzi in 2016. 


Programme participant Sheetal (right)

She returned to Nepal for a year and interned with an INGO, Adra Development, doing public health work and funding education in Humla. This eventually became a paid job for her, because of her impact within the organisation. Chhiring graduated from Smith College in 2021 with a BA in Biochemistry and Statistical and Data Science and is currently working as a Computational Research Assistant with a research group in Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. 

In 2022, 10 participants guided by 10 volunteeer mentors, who gave both their time and expertise, successfully completed the 3 month programme, gaining valuable skills and experience along the way.


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